paso doble burritos | dance with the flavour
burrito philosphy
la filosofía de los burritos
  Our commitment to bringing you fresh, custom-built is the same standard we hold for ourselves. Having a healthy choice for fresh, body-friendly ingredients is important for our health and the health of our families. Our food is an alternative to the processed, preservative-filled products that make up much of the North American diet.

Coming from a Mexican-American family, the flavours of Mexico is something we crave. Hot sauce (and not the Tabasco varieties) and chipotle-grilled chicken and pork makes the senses come alive. Because our burritos are custom-built to your preferences, you can have mild or even veggie combos, made fresh.

Blending traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex ingredients is something we couldn't keep to ourselves.

The desire for burritos is strong in many of us. Dance with the flavour, and see for yourself.